Facial Yoga Classes and Workshops

 ­Group class

Group class is 5-6 people for the duration of 60 minutes.

This can take place at my house or yours.

­ Private lessons

Private lessons are 60 minutes, one on one.

This can take place at my house or yours.


 ­Skype session

Skype session of 60 minutes.

Flexible and possible from any location and timezone!

­ Workshops

Workshop of 2 hours about Face Yoga and more!

Depending on the circumstances, I will give a class at my or your place. Everything is possible! Giving the lesson at your place will include gas costs.



We will talk about!

  • Water – Why drinking water is essential for healthy skin and body.
  • Routine – How important is to have a daily routine in the morning, and right before you go to bed.
  • Breathing – Technique of breathing. Releasing the stress. Letting go.
  • Food – How certain foods affect your body. What is a good diet?
  • Creams and lotions – All about the importance of what you put on your face.
  • Making the best choice for you when it comes to beauty products and food.
  • All of these things we will discuss while we enjoy warm water, different herbal tea’s.
Facial Yoga Classes and Workshops 1