Lips and mouth

$22.00 / 30 Days For 30 Days

A 4-week (30-day) program that gives you access to 12 video lessons to work on your lips and mouth.

With this 4-week program you get the following:

  • Access to a module of 12 online lessons,
  • A step-by-step video tutorial,
  • Exercises for fuller lips,
  • Exercises for symmetrical lips,
  • How to reduce smoking lines,


– BONUS Warm-up program,
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I want to present you with another course online!

This new course I offer online focuses on the lips and mouth.

In this time of Corona when most people work from their homes, when people are forced to be inside when they cannot attend public gatherings, an online program is the ideal solution!

As part of this program, I offer you 12 exercises that focus on your lips and mouth.


With daily work, you will notice the difference after only 10 days.

You will get access to video material with a detailed description of each exercise.

Also, you are briefly given an introduction just before the exercise, and what you need in order to be prepared to start the lessons.

The advantage of buying an online course is that you can follow it via your mobile phone, so everywhere and at any time you want!

This course will help you if you recognize any of the things listed below:

  • You notice that your lips are smaller!
  • That your lips are dry, chapped, pale!
  • That they lost to the fullest!
  • Wrinkles around your lips bother you!
  • The shape of the lips has changed over time!
  • The corners of your lips are down!
  • You can’t whistle or say certain words!

Do you recognize yourself in one of the above examples?

Then this is a great way to regain the shape of your lips!

Lips and mouth 1
Shiny Diamond at Pexels

No fillers!

No Botox!

No surgery!

A great way to restore the fullness of your lips in a natural way!

In 28 days of the course, you will be able to apply exercises that will refresh and cheer you up !!

Dive into the world of Face Yoga and experience incredible change and transformation and everything in a natural way !!!

You won’t regret it!

Age with dignity, prevent it properly

Your Face Yogi