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Individual training is intended for people who want to learn more and who want to dedicate themselves to the maximum. Your wishes and expectations, goals are very key here in order to achieve the end result. As part of this training, I will pass on to your knowledge that is intended exclusively for you as individuals. In those one-on-one hours, we will enter the world of Face Yoga where, in addition to exercises, we will dedicate ourselves to our own development, where we will work on self-confidence, where we will consciously change the acquired habits. We will enter the world of nutrition and the importance of water. We will do exercises to open the chest, straighten the back. We will do a facial massage, acupressure and talk about the importance of natural cosmetics.

  •  By buying this package you get 70 exercises (and more) for the face and exercises that are intended for the upper back, neck
  •  Access to video material (70 exercises) with description
  •  Bonus exercises for warming up
  •  Bonus facial care
  • All 6 facial areas
  • Email support
  • Your own Face Yoga Calendar

-A total of 20 hours dedicated exclusively to you

The package includes individual training 1 on 1, in person, or via Skype.

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