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Viktorija Oudman
Certified Face Yoga Teacher

Do you want to look younger and better again? No more sagging in your face, and feeling  unhappy about your looks .  For all of us, our paths in life are different but we are all confronted with aging, sometimes this aging process goes faster then we want!

What if I tell you that there is a way to make you look younger again, get your confidence and balance back again so you can wake up and look in the mirror and feel happy!

It is possible, and as a certified Face Yoga Teacher, I am here to help you on your journey. I know out of personal experience that life doesn’t always go as planned. After I gave birth to my twins my health went downwards and I had a lot of problems: lack of energy, different forms of pain, stomach issues, feeling depressed, being diagnosed with Lupus and IBS. After visiting all kinds of alternative practitioners I decided to listen more to my own body. I switched to a (raw) vegan diet and started to notice the difference straight away. After switching my diet and doing the detox ,my face wasn’t  the same any more. I lost all the fat in my face, and volume in my cheeks.   

Several weeks later I came upon Face Yoga exercises. So I start to exercise. Two weeks later I experienced first results.

About me 2

So I continued for another 30 days. Slowly the results showed off and I realized that this was the way to take care of my face! 

No matter where you come from, I am confident that if you are willing to take up the challenge with me. We can make progress together.

So let me help you with this life-changing method that requires no medicine or expensive botox treatments. Join the thousands of people who practice Face Yoga, some of them you may even know like Meghan Markle. So here I am ready to influence the world, to change it and make a better place! I always knew that my life purpose is to share and to help others, with this method, I definitely will!


About Viktorija Oudman

My name is Viktorija (Viki). I am originally from Serbia. I finished a study for Veterinarian Assistent, but life wanted me to chose different path. I went into modeling and journalism for local TV stations and Radio. Then I moved to the Netherlands where I continued the same career path. Life is full of unexpected events and it challenged me and tested me a lot in the last 13 years. As I mentioned before, after becoming a mother for the third time, my body had enough. I was really in a bad shape. It took me awhile to be where am I standing now. But I cherish this experience, it makes me a better person, and I have learned so much! I am so thankful!

I love everything that has to do with a natural lifestyle. I am practicing Tai Chi, collecting herbs, making my own thee, gardening, doing activates with my three boys.

I became  Certified Face Yoga Teacher in 2017. In 2018 I passed the exams under the guidance of Fumiko Takatsu. And now I offer Face Yoga classes online and locally. I am also giving healthy and lifestyle tips!

Feel beautiful, live beautiful, stay beautiful! 

Special thanks to my family for supporting me on my journey to become a teacher.