Last year I started facial yoga, which was completely new to me.

I was already familiar with Yin yoga, so why not yoga for the face.

The reason for this was that I felt my face was getting a bit shapeless and I didn't feel very happy when I looked in the mirror either.

During the sessions I became aware of how many muscles there are in a face and how tense and untrained these muscles sometimes are and the crookedness in the face also started to stand out.

I learned a lot of exercises and because I was so busy with my face, a lot more changed. My face got a softer expression, but I also became happier when I looked in the mirror and I found myself beautiful again just by doing the exercises, very funny.

I also noticed that my face became much tighter and even if I hadn't practiced for a while (I'm not always consistent), I immediately notice a difference when I start practicing again. A good foundation has been laid.

Viktorija is a very positive inspirer and does not only look at the face, but at the whole person.

Thank you Viktoria 

Aukje Steen
Meet my Health coach 💚~
I met this beautiful lady last year at her face yoga workshop. Immediately I felt a deep connection.
She told me her story, which was similar to mine. Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease after pregnancy, feeling miserable for a long time, having a huge aversion to heavy meds and a intuitive knowingness that there must be another way.
Being stubborn and determined. And with that experiencing a lot of resistance and opinions from the inner & outer circle. Because this path we walk upon is different than mainstream.
Viktorija healed herself with food as medicine!
I knew I had to work with her. So I signed up for a coaching program.
In 8 months I’ve been transformed from an exhausted woman with a lot of pain and feeling unworthy to the healthiest, self-loving & happiest version of myself.
Viktorija has guided this process with so much love & patience. She didn’t overload me with information but week by week she teached me little chunks of wisdom & practical uses of natural healing.
About selflove, selfcare, meditation, affirmations, detoxing, food as medicine, raw food, gut health, healthy posture, yoga, faceyoga, skincare, embracing feminity, atlas-adjustment, parasites, wild herbs, natural supplements and so much more. Via Viktorija I’ve found the Paddison Program. The rest is history…
In the beginning I often sat there with tears, not knowing what to do anymore. Week after week I felt stronger, healthier and discovered my power within. With Viki as my cheerleader.🤗
Our relationship has changed from only a coaching one to a special friendship. 
I’m feeling so grateful for meeting this pure, sweet and inspiring woman and I wish that everyone will find a ‘Viktorija’ in their life!
Do you feel inspired and want to work (on- or offline) with Viktorija? Just send her a message. She would love to help you.

Irene Pot

Shiatsu & Energetic Therapist at Itouch Shiatsu

Had a nice face yoga yesterday, which I had never heard of before. A world literally opened up for me.
Received good exercises to get started at home.
Victoria, you're doing this right
And full of love and passion.
I definitely recommend everyone to try this one out.

Viktorija is a sweet and enthusiastic woman who knows what she is talking about. Full of passion and conviction she takes you into the world of Face Yoga. Highly recommended to delve into, or even better to just sign up for a workshop with her to experience for yourself what Face Yoga is and what it can do for your face/neck/shoulders. 💛

Bertha Ruth Anema 

Viktorija is a woman with a lot of life experience and a passion for health and the associated nutrition and exercise. In recent years she has mainly focused on Face yoga and does this with great passion! I have been able to follow a session with her in the past week and experience this as an interesting and pleasant afternoon.


Viktorija knows a lot and can help you look happier and younger with her facial yoga techniques! 👍🏼

Denise Stahlie Rivera

International Trance Vocalist, Bilingual 🇺🇸🇪🇸Voice-Over actress, Latin singer, & Zumba instructor

No more makeup needed. Natural beauty with a few sessions!🤗


It was fun and most importantly educational!! I could pull funny faces, but apparently not the right ones… I became aware of using the right muscles in my face. And especially the unlearning of the unconscious crazy faces and pulling.

Yolanda V. 
Thank you for the nice and cozy workshop. Wasn't really familiar with this, but getting a tighter skin with "making crazy, funny faces " is nice, and fun. 
Who doesn't want that.


Make your face tighter with crazy exercises, what more could you want 
 A super fun workshop with different facial exercises! Thank you Viktoria!


Thanks again Viktorija Ugrcic-Oudman! 
It was an educational and fun afternoon. To be repeated. 


Had a great day!! Thanks to Victoria. We learned a lot about our facial muscles and other things that are healthy and good for you!! 
Highly recommended!!!! Thank you victoria😘



Why Botox when there is Face Yoga.


Friendly woman. Very knowledgeable with many practical tips for healthy eating and exercise in addition to face yoga. The courses are prepared with great care.

In consultation she also comes to your home and provides a meal made from raw foods. 

Jennifer Niemeijer

Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Co-CEO at ABA Center International 

Victoria is an excellent face yoga teacher and I'm sure she will be your inspiration for personal progress!
It's a pleasure to know such a person!

Milos Vracarevic
First of all I would like to thank Viktorija for all the time, effort and energy she has put into our classes. I have to admit that I didn't believe 100% at the beginning whether this would help at all. But I really see that I have changed not only in "the face" but also in personality and the way of thinking and acting. During the lessons it was not only about practice, but also about you as a person as a whole. I found it a fun, soothing, crazy experience that I really carry in my heart!

This woman is special and wishes only the best and healthiest for you! 
Aldijana Skamo