Neck and jawline area

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A 4-week (30-day) program that gives you access to 9 video lessons to work on your neck and jawline area.

With this 4-week program you get the following:

  • Access to a module of 9 online lessons,
  • A step-by-step video tutorial,
  • How can you reduce the neck lines,
  • How to relax your jaw area,

– BONUS Warm-up program,
– BONUS Facial Care,



Somehow when we think of Face Yoga, we focus only on the face.

Yes, a lot of women pay attention to their faces, but the neck is also a part of it.

The neck and jawline are somehow neglected. Often in passing, I see women whose face is quite well-groomed and often without wrinkles in relation to the neck and jawline.

The neck and jawline are quite forgotten.

I also noticed in myself that I had neglected this part of my body before. In the morning I would put the cream on my face, and the neck, only occasionally.

Neck and jawline module 1

As I incorporated Face Yoga into my life, I changed my habits and introduced care, exercise, and massage.

So I regularly practice Face Yoga with which I have achieved great results !!!

Below I have listed some of the changes that can occur in the area of ​​the jawline and neck.

  • Goiter
  • Double chin
  • Deep lines in the neck
  • Deep lines in the area of ​​the décolleté
  • The contours of the jaw are lost
  • Snoring
  • Redness on the neck and décolleté
  • The corners of the lips are pulled down due to the weight of the neck (fat deposits)

Simply, after 30, due to muscle atrophy and adipose tissue movement, the face loses volume, and the skin under the chin relaxes.

Unfortunately, no creams or topical therapy can resolve the situation.

That’s why you can prevent a double chin in time by starting neck and jawline exercises in time!

Also, in people who have already experienced these changes, they are reduced or completely eliminated by regular exercise!

Neck and jawline area 1

In this module I offer you 9 exercises for the neck and jawline:

  1. Swan’s neck – hands-free
  2. Swan neck – with hands
  3. Neck & Jawline shaper – hands-free
  4. Neck & Jawline shaper – with hands
  5. Pulled tongue – hands-free
  6. Pulled tongue – with hands
  7. Double chin lift – hands-free
  8. Double chin lift – with hands
  9. Acupressure push under the ear

All of them together lift, tighten your skin, tighten the muscles. They stimulate the work of lymph, the blood flow.

Be someone who wants change, who needs it !!!

Dedicate yourself to this important part of your body !!!

Learn 9 exercises that will change your appearance, give you confidence !!!

Feel and look in line with your age !!!

Take at least 5 years off your neck!

Restore the freshness of your skin and give youthful look!!!

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