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The cheeks were said to be a reflection of health. Their fullness and pink color give us the shape of the face and make us look vital and fresh.
Loss of volume, along with wrinkles and loss of elasticity and radiance, make facial skin look older. Sometimes it is difficult to define, but the loss of volume in the cheeks is very common and changes the structure and shape of the whole face. It can sometimes be described as sagging skin, loss of contours, or a face with a sad expression.

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How to recognize volume loss?

Since volume loss can be difficult to describe or recognize, a visual reference can be helpful. It clearly shows how this particular sign of aging changes the shape and structure of the face in several subtle but transformative ways. The “beauty triangle” shows how, due to the reduction of volume, a face can get a negative, sad, or exhausted look. This can then lead to misinterpretations of an individual’s mood or outlook on life.
The youthful face is adorned with a distribution of volume that creates an attractive appearance. The main features of a youthful face can be clearly seen as a “beauty triangle”. These include:

Cheeks 1
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• High cheekbones
• Filled cheeks
• Smooth skin
• Solid, clearly defined jawline

These features together form the shape of the face and the structure that is wider at the top, tapering towards the narrowest point on the chin. The overall look is relaxed and positive.
The beauty triangle is associated with a youthfully attractive appearance.
As we age, the signs of volume loss lead to the inversion of the triangle.

These are the changes that are taking place:
• Wider, jawline
• Facial definition
• Sunken cheeks
• Wrinkles form on the forehead and between the eyebrows
• The corners of the mouth turn down
• Loss of the jawline

Cheeks 2
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The combination of these factors results in an outdated appearance. As the volume decreases and the skin drops, the perception of the face changes. Now, this facial appearance can be interpreted as sad or exhausted. Fuller people, of course, have fuller cheeks. However, everyone who loses weight changes their face shape, which results in sagging skin.
To get fuller cheeks you need to use them. To raise them. In addition to the classic facial care, our face needs activity, muscle activation. Here I will introduce you to exercises for cheeks, of which there are a total of 8:

  • The cheek slimmer
  • Candle blow cheek slimmer
  • Cheek relaxer – hands-free
  • Acupressure push
  • 3 in 1 superpose
  • The fuller cheek
  • The cheek lifter
  • Cheek & face line lifter

Exercises that raise the volume of the cheeks achieve fantastic results!
Collagen production is indirectly stimulated. The muscles that lift the cheeks affect the tightening of the lower part of the face, which includes wrinkles around the nose, and the jawline.
I deeply believe that the best and most natural and healthiest way, after all, is to work on the facial muscles!
Let’s restore the shine and fullness of our cheeks!
Let the natural serenity return to the face!

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