I appreciate everyone who took a moment to experience a Face Yoga workshop, or a whole course. Your opinion and testimonials mean a lot to me.

These testimonials came from Facebook, private messages, and from workshop feedback forms. Feel free to contact me with regard to planning a Face Yoga workshop, course or a 1-on-1 online session via Skype.

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Face Yoga Testimonials

Yesterday I had a nice face yoga, which I had never heard of before. A world literally opened up for me. Good exercises to get started at home. Victoria what are you doing this right, And full of love and passion. I definitely recommend that everyone give this a try.


Viktorija is a sweet and enthusiastic woman who knows what she is talking about. Full of passion and conviction, she takes you into the world of Face Yoga. A must to immerse yourself in, or even better to just sign up for a workshop with her to experience what Face Yoga is and what it can do for your face / neck / shoulders. 💛


Viktorija is a woman with a lot of life experience and a passion for health and the accompanying food and exercise. In the past week I have been able to follow a session with her and experience this as an interesting and pleasant afternoon. So do you want to discover which exercises you can do about wrinkles, sunken cheeks or do you want to get rid of your frown?


Viktorija knows a lot and can help you look happier and younger with her face yoga techniques! 👍🏼


No more makeup needed. Natural beauty with a few sessions! 🤗


It was fun and especially educational !! I could pull crazy faces, but apparently just not the right … So an awareness of the use of the right muscles in your face. And especially the unlearning of the unconscious face poses ..

Jolanda v.

Thank you for the nice and pleasant workshop. Was not really familiar with this, but getting tighter skin with “crazy faces” is nice. Who doesn’t want that.


Make your face tighter with crazy faces, what more could you want. A super fun workshop with different facial exercises! Thanks Viktorija!


Thanks again Viktorija Ugrcic-Oudman! It was an educational and fun afternoon. To be repeated.


Had a great day !! Thanks to Victoria. We learned a lot about our facial muscles and other things that are healthy and good for you !! Highly recommended!!!! Thanks Viktorija😘


Why Botox when there is Face Yoga.