The Atlas, C1, or our first cervical vertebra

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Why is this 50-60 gram heavy bone the weakest link in our body. Why are the traces of his subluxation (getting out of ideal position) visible on our faces?

During the treatment of my clients, I noticed that despite certain exercises, the asymmetry of the jaws appears to be a major problem. Besides the fact that I believe that everything in our body is interconnected, it appears that the Atlas has an important role, especially when it comes to the symmetry of the face and the rest of the body. As a Face Yoga Teacher, I only mention symptoms that occur in my practice. These complaints are specifically aimed at the upper body. The Atlas, C1 or our first cervical vertebra 1

Among others, these are the possible complaints that can occur:

Head complaints :

chronic headache drug-resistant

recurring headaches

tension headache

cluster headache

nerve pain (trigeminal nerve)

pain in the face (trigeminal neuralgia)

migraines with or without aura

electrical discharge

pulsation in the skull

feeling of stabbing in the head

facial asymmetry

Neck complaints:

cramped, painful neck muscles

stiff neck

reduced mobility

burning feeling

nerve pain

creaking cervical vertebrae

stiff neck pain in the back of the upper body

jaw complaints

cracking or grinding your teeth

pain in the upper or lower jaw

difficulty swallowing (choking more often)

worn teeth

What is Atlas and why is it so important to our body’s overall symmetry?

The Atlas is the first vertebra of our neck and is located directly under the skull. (see photo) Due to the vertical position of the human body, the Atlas makes a very close connection with the skull. This connection is detrimental to our vertical posture. The adverse misalignment is only noticeable in humans and is a major problem for overall health and thus for humanity.

The Atlas is a bone that, like all other bones, has its own function. Its function is to balance our head and move with us when we move our head. However, this is not the reason why this bone is so important. The position of this bone is very special and very important. When Atlas is in its anatomical position, our body is perpendicular and nearly symmetrical. When Atlas moves out of his anatomical position, symmetry of the body and face can be seen in addition to all the above complaints. The Atlas may have moved out of its anatomical position in various ways, as could be the case with ankles or shoulders, for example.

One of the causes of the Atlas shift is Whiplash.

Why does a shifted Atlas create an asymmetrical face?

The Atlas, C1, or our first cervical vertebra

I thought this was important to find out in order to be able to help my customers better. The answer is actually very simple.

Simple example

If you constantly feed one of the twins more food, one twin will grow bigger than the other regardless of whether they are twins. Ao passes through the Atlas. an artery (a.vertebralis) that curves at exactly this point before the artery enters the area of our brain, where it provides about 40% of the brain’s circulation. When our Atlas has moved out of its anatomical position, ao. an asymmetrical circulation of nutrients to the brain and face. This asymmetrical circulation ensures, among other things. also for an asymmetrical face. In other words, one part of your face and brain will get more oxygen and nutrients than another ( twin comparison). The Atlas itself does not suffer from this, but the rest of the body does. When we take this as a starting thought, we also better understand the rest of what happens in our bodies. It turns out that the Atlas tilt has a huge impact on our entire body and life! And that, in addition to a crooked or asymmetrical face, can also cause a crooked spine and hormonal imbalance?

This is just a small part of the whole story about the Atlas that I found for you on the website.

Soon I will try the treatment and share my experiences with you. This is the right website if you have unexplained complaints, for example, if you continue to experience complaints after a Whiplash, and/or a Migraine is your unwanted companion.

Would you like to know more about Atlas and how he can be stimulated back to his anatomical place using the Humanup method? Go to