Health Benefits of Face Yoga

Often, those that choose to engage in facial exercise, are looking for a more youthful appearance. The orofacial myofunctional therapies do much more than that. Orofacial myofunctional therapy is, in a sense “neuromuscular re-education” or ” re-patterning of the oral and facial muscles. Facial and tongue exercises, combined with behavior-modification techniques help to promote a […]

Before – After pictures

Before and After Pictures       Here is one of the great examples of amazing changes I saw on Ann-Marie from France. She is 56 years old and she noticed her wrinkles became more visible last few years. She is very conscious about foods and she eats very healthily. She has a very natural […]

Face Yoga and rehabilitation

Face Yoga has many benefits besides just the beauty benefits. Did you know that you can use Face Yoga techniques in a rehabilitation therapy?  Down below you can find information from a real-life case in which Face Yoga helped a women get control over her facial muscles. A women was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy. (Bell’s […]

What is Face Yoga

Face Yoga It is a blend of facial expressions and exercises. It makes you aware of muscle movements. It teaches you how to use your facial muscles. It creates a better firmer skin. It corrects the imperfections on your skin. It works both ways, consciously and subconsciously. It gives you self-esteem, better appearance, self-awareness, self-confidence. […]