Face Yoga and rehabilitation 1

Face Yoga and rehabilitation

Face Yoga has many benefits besides just the beauty benefits. Did you know that you can use Face Yoga techniques in a rehabilitation therapy?  Down below you can find information from a real-life case in which Face Yoga helped a women get control over her facial muscles.

A women was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy.
(Bell’s Palsy is a type of facial paralysis that results in an ability to control facial muscles on the affected side. The cause is unknown. It results from a dysfunctional of the facial nerve)

Symptoms can vary from mild to severe.
Some of the symptoms she experienced were:
❌Couldn’t blow out my cheeks
❌ Couldn’t pronounce words that required to close the mouth
❌ The half tongue was numb
❌ Couldn’t close mouth entirely
❌ Couldn’t suck on a straw
❌ Constantly dry mouth
❌ The right eye couldn’t close tight
❌ Couldn’t raise eyebrows
❌ Couldn’t flare the right nostril
❌ Eyeballs feel insecure, tired eyes constantly

She took on treatment in medication form to reduce nerve inflammations, acupuncture 3 times a week, daily face yoga, acupressure massages, along with a clean diet and yoga practice.

The first Face Yoga lesson started on the 2nd week after she was diagnosed.

Week 1
(Warm-ups on torso, shoulders, chest, and neck)
✅ Big O
✅ Tapping
✅ Eye flex
*Class focused mainly on receiving sensations through activating face muscles, building heat, stimulating blood flow and creating a sense of awareness between breaths and facial movements. Throughout the week she’s advised to practice these 4 poses.

Week 2
(Warm-ups on torso, shoulders, chest, and neck)
*she was able to flex her eyes but was having difficulty squinting, so we worked on eye area poses :
✅ Big O
✅ Binocular eye
✅ Eye flex

Week 3
(Along with warming up torso, shoulders, chest, and neck, Big O and WOW became part of warm-up poses as she became familiar with the poses)
*Class focused on the mouth area
✅ Smackeroo
✅ Bumblebee
✅ Symmetrical mouth with the hand
✅ Yummy face

Just after 2 days of practicing these poses diligently, she was able to whistle and close her mouth almost entirely ✨

Week 4
(She gained almost 90% of her facial muscle movements by week 4, but it was still tricky to squint the eyes and eyeballs still feel loose)
*Class focused on the eye area
✅ Eye flex
✅ Eye push ups
✅ No more tired eyes

Week 5
(She was having difficulty to blow up her cheeks with air)
*Class focused on cheek, mouth and jawline muscles
✅ Nasolabial Smoother
✅ Rolly Polly
✅ Swan Neck

Each week we go through the poses we learned the week before and there were tremendous improvements in the control of muscle engagements and movements.
I shall let the attached photo speak for itself.

The Key to recovery
✨ Breathing into poses
✨ Consistent and Diligent Practice
✨ Positive Spirit from teacher and student

Face Yoga and rehabilitation 2

About the author: Viki

Viktorija (Viki), heeft Face Yoga beoefend en heeft besloten om de sprong te maken naar een Certified Face Yoga Docent in 2017. In 2018 slaagde ze voor haar examens onder leiding van Fumiko Takatsu. Viki biedt nu Face Yoga-lessen online en lokaal aan. Oorspronkelijk afkomstig uit Servië, studeerde Viki om dierenartsassistent te worden, maar raakte al snel betrokken bij modellenwerk en journalistiek voor lokale tv-stations en de radio. Toen ze naar Nederland verhuisde, vervolgde ze dit pad ook. Nu biedt ze Face Yoga-lessen, maar ook cosmetische en gezonde lifestyle-tips.