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FOREO Bear Review

July 1, 2022 by


This little device is the last device from FOREO that I will be testing.


The first impression is like with all FOREO devices, very positive.

I love the shape, color, and design.

It is all nicely packed.

With the device, you also get one package of FOREO serum, a cable for charging, and a description of usage.

This skin care microcurrent device is cute! It’s such a fancy little device that you can massage your face and neck with, you pair it with its app that allows you to adjust its settings and guides you through the treatment.

As I have mentioned in the video, I don’t like to be dependent on the app. There are just too many apps today, and for some things they can be handy, but otherwise, I just avoid them.

I had to add that in the beginning, I thought that BEAR is not usable without the app, but I was wrong.

You can still use it without the app, but without a specific program that this app has to offer.

Ok, now let’s talk about what I have actually felt.

Before you start, use some of the serum from FOREO. Without serum, you will definitely feel some unpleasant stinging.

 Applying the serum and the time that you are spending on using the BEAR is around 3 min.

Serum in combination with BEAR penetrates deeper into your skin. I could definitely feel it.

Serum goes quickly into the skin, so apply it just before you use the BEAR for that specific area of your face. Means, it gets quickly dry.

When you attach BEAR with your Bluetooth, through the app you chose the program you would like to use.

Once on your skin BEAR starts to vibrate, and you feel soft tingling or electrical shocks.

It is absolutely safe to use BEAR, and it is not painful or discomfort.

The video tutorial gives you the whole description of how to use it.

Very easy and comfortable to use.

It does not take a lot of your time.

These are the things that I have noticed after using it.

Skin looks:




-It has a glow

-Becomes pinkish (that means stimulates blood flow)

-Face looks relaxer



-Less puffy

In one week, the time you can’t really see a lot of difference, and since I have already practiced Face Yoga, my skin already has a natural glow.

 Bear is meant to tone your skin and exercises the muscles in your face.  I can’t speak for the firming results yet but looking forward to using it more in the future.

You can use this device as a replacement for Gua Sha. Or as a massage device. It takes away the stress from your body and face.

It definitely relaxes the muscles, not only on your face but you could use it for any part of your body.

During the usage, I felt pulling and contracting of my muscles. That means that this device works.

In one week I have created a routine to use BEAR, in the morning and before I go to bed.

Those times are the best to practice Face Yoga or combine it with other gadgets like BEAR for example.

BEAR stimulates your blood flow and works on your muscle contractions. And since your muscles have a memory, mornings and evenings provide a perfect memorizing program for your face. In other words, your face becomes refreshed after using BEAR, it remembers.

I’m blown away by the fact that I can actually use a medical microcurrent device at home and not have to go to a professional for treatments.

Nice, a cute little device that lasts long. I am still using it, and the battery is still working without charging.

 In the long run, you are saving a lot of money!!!

I enjoined, and I am still enjoining using FOREO BEAR!

Adding BEAR into my skin routine was PLUS!

Happy that I could try it!

You can buy the Foreo UFO 2 here: https://flip.go2cloud.org/SHej and use the coupon: FACEYOGA10 for a 10% discount!