Foreo UFO 2 Review

May 28, 2022 by


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This is the second product from Foreo that I am using at the moment.

My attempt is to describe product by product, their positive and negative aspects. Some links are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to purchase the Luna 3 in this case, I receive a commission. I am not paid or asked to use these links. It just simply helps me to continue making content online.

Foreo UFO 2

Foreo mentions on their website that UFO 2 has a lot of different features. This product is more advanced than the previous one. It is really a spa device that will make impression on you.

It works only 2 minutes, but it gives nice results in such a short time.

I will just shortly mention the pluses and minuses over here.

Let’s start with minuses:

The app doesn’t always work.

That is something I am honestly not happy about.

I love new technology, but if it’s too complicated, I usually don’t go for it.

To many options on the app is not necessary.

I like it simple.

You are dependent on their masks.

And I don’t like the price.

And here are the plusses:

You can add this easily in your daily routine, as a part of your beauty ritual.

I like that it generates heat.

It has the Led light therapy.

You can find out more on their website about the benefits on these special lights.

It vibrates almost the whole time during usage.

So, it does massage your skin and muscles

My face definitely looks more relaxed after usage

Skin feels really radiant, nourished, hydrated and my skin glows, and it feels soft after usage.

Let’s just mention that my skin looks pretty decent without this device as well.


I have already created my own routine with Face Yoga exercises, in the combination with relaxation and massage, which had tremendous positive impact on my skin. For the skin that is more problematic and has acne, blackheads and is impure, it will be more beneficial.

Of course, I was using it just for a week. I guess the other noticeable effects will be visible after some time.