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Time for yourself in these crazy times!

March 21, 2020 by


It took me a while to realize that everything around me makes sense, although this was not so at first glance. The events that have surrounded us over the last few weeks, have influenced us in every sense. We have all gone through, or are going through a phase of panic, sometimes despair… Big changes have taken place. These changes will cause us to change the way we think and how to treat ourselves and our environment and our loved ones.

More than ever we need each other! Information that inevitably reaches us, influences our emotions and transforms us.

Although I don’t watch news and television, news gets to me. We get news from everywhere,  for example through social media. We cannot avoid it.

We are like most of you all in at home. All my family members are at home. As parents we try to get up regularly, do schoolwork with our children, and stick to certain routines. It is my duty as a parent with my husband to be with them, to share moments that are not possible in everyday life. These are sweet little things that we almost forgot. Simple nature walks, cooking together, reading a book, playing a board game….


It took me a while to find the time to write, until things and reality took their shape, shrugged off, found their place.

My dearest, this is a time when we need to turn to ourselves more than ever. The answers are not outside us; they are within us. Change is more than necessary…. It is visible in each of us. We have finally slowed down, we finally have time to enjoy tea or coffee, we finally see that the basement, the closet, the attic should be fixed. We finally have time to sort out the wardrobe and throw out whatever we don’t need, letting go…. We are finally able to listen to our inner selves and get a clear picture of what we really miss, we need… Finally, we can say “hello” to our neighbor who almost we don’t see and don’t know, because we always rush to work. We are finally forced to feel and have nothing that distracts us. We realize how important we are to ourselves and how much we neglected ourselves.

The birds have never chirped so beautifully, because we can finally hear them. There is no traffic that regularly interferes with their tweets. Families are walking together, which was a rarity. Everything started to wake up, we all slowed down….

Have we realized in this short time the importance of nurturing ourselves, inside and out? How much we don’t notice our children growing up and time passing by at a fast pace!

I am here to direct you, to remind you how important you are to yourself!

Our thoughts and emotions are reflected in our face. The face is a mirror of our being, especially the eyes! Everything is visible in and around them!


Use this time for your own progress! For regeneration, for the new-new self!!!

Now you have time for that!

Face Yoga offers that!!!

Allow yourself to:

  • look better
  • feel better
  • become aware
  • ground yourself
  • Improve your breathing
  • reset the mind

Now is your time!

Time to get back to yourself! To your inner beauty!

With exercise that is achieved by stimulating the muscles in the face, the desired results are achieved!

It has already been scientifically proven that when a person has the corners of their lips that go down, they give negative signals to the brain that the person is dissatisfied.

By exercising, the corners of the lips are raised, which aims at a happier, more open, satisfied person !!!

Raise your lip corners!!! Get your eyes open !!! Lift your cheeks  !!! Tighten your neck !!!

Open up to change !!!

This natural, non-aggressive method of rejuvenation will change your life and  your habits !!!


Be good and healthy to me!!! Be open hearted, gracious and compassionate!!!

Your Face Yogi

Face Yoga classes are online, via Skype.

For all information go to: www.FaceYogaForYou.com