Fear of aging / gerontophobia

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A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article that mentioned Madonna and her fear of aging. She recently posted a photo of herself on Twitter as far as I understood, or on one of the social media outlets where her recognizable face became unrecognizable.

So her followers were left without text. Let me just mention that I do not follow Madonna and that this text is exclusively intended for gerontophobia, also known as the fear of aging.

Madonna is just one example. As far as her appearance and presentation to the public is concerned, I do not want to go into that. The facts show that the fear of aging is present and exists at all ages.

The greatest pressure exists in the world of show business where public figures do everything in their power and undergo various treatments to keep their youth.

They most often end up as victims of too frequent surgical procedures that mostly change their complete facial anatomy.


Why are we afraid to grow old?

I think that the pressure of society has never been greater in all areas. A woman is expected to be beautiful, well-groomed. However, today this does not only apply to women, but also to men. And men are increasingly turning to cosmetics, surgery, and Botox. We do not know how to handle the aging process.

Thus, fear is present in both sexes.

In the past, virtues and qualities, the status of a certain person, were valued more. Of course, the way we looked at beauty was different. This was also described in poems, literature and poetry.

From women it was not expected to go to training, or to do procedures to tighten her face. Somehow there was a natural flow for everyone, which was acceptable.

Today, with the advent of television (which has existed for almost 80 years), social media, the nature of “perfect look” is imposed on us. You can’t escape it, it’s everywhere.

Looking at such “perfect examples” almost every day, we get a complex of lower values.

Young girls are especially sensitive to such scenes and easily succumb to the influence of this environment.

We compare ourselves with others every day and thus underestimate our beauty.

We need a perfect little nose, full lips, raised cheeks, raised eyelids… .etc.

A woman over 40 is also attacked by the media. Beauty is hard to preserve if you have your hands full.

A woman who goes to work every day, runs the household, cooks, does the laundry, takes care of the children, drives them to training, school. A woman who is there to listen to everyone. Such a woman has little time left for herself.

Why do I mention this?

When the children grow up and the pressure becomes less, a space is suddenly created in which that woman gets an idea of ​​herself and her appearance.

I often get such customers, women who have seen off their children, made a business career.

These women then look in the mirror where they realize that a lot of time has passed and that the same time has done its thing.

They are just scared!

They were frightened by the thought that from now on the recognizable face that remained in their memory would no longer exist. It will simply disappear.

They come to me with the hope of giving back their old face to them.

I absolutely understand them.

There is not a single woman who does not have that fear.

Some mask it well, suppress it. Some no longer look in the mirror. Some get tattooed. But that fear exists in each of us.

A woman definitely says goodbye to something that is precious to her and that makes her special and strong.

Her beauty, her youth, it is her weapon and pride!

When the face starts to fall down and the first wrinkles appear, the deep lines on the face are most women are directed to the perfumery where they seek advice from the saleswoman about anti-wrinkle creams and serums.

To none of us, aging is something we accept with a smile on our face.

Each of us fights against aging in our own way.

Advertisements featuring beautiful young girls with perfect faces where they advertise products intended for older ladies are one example of the manipulation and trap we fall into every day.

Those wonderful perfect faces are imposed on us who are not even close to a mature woman, and again, this young girl stands on that advertisement as an example.

Such advertisements do not have to affect us consciously, but subconsciously, yes it does!

I am always sorry when I see a woman who has started to grow old with dignity, which depicts her character, facial expressions, who still decided to undergo plastic surgery on her face and thus change the complete look.

Let’s face it, no, I’m not one to condemn plastic surgery, and I’m not against plastic surgery, but I’m against drastic changes where a person’s appearance changes completely.

So fear in that case, decides everything.

The fear of aging is real and should not be ignored. And not only is this fear not only present with popular public figures, it applies goes to all walks of life. All of us who live in this society can become part of that fear.


Somehow in that case men are at an advantage; they somehow gain in price. Many find an older man more attractive. While a woman experiences it the other way around.

Unfortunately, the society in which we live has imposed on us that fear that is reborn.

In the past, the older woman was respected in the tribal community. Her mature years were appreciated and respected, as were her wrinkles and gray hair. Today, it is a rarity.

Of course, there are exceptions, and these are women who are extremely strong and proud to wear their years. There are few such women. There are probably more of them in smaller communities, in cities they are disappearing.

Again, culture also plays a big role.

Perfect women mostly walk in Dubai. They try to look beautiful there at all costs. So their beauty has a high price.

In the Netherlands, for example, where I live, women are quite relaxed and natural. Here in Friesland, they almost don’t wear make-up.

We can only guess what it’s like in Hollywood then. They are certainly competing there, and I don’t believe they are looking for older people who would possibly appear on small and big screens.

So, you already know that in case you are 40 years old and living in Hollywood, you are no longer wanted, even though you may have talent.

That fear is justified.

Fear also occurs when a woman is quite isolated, if, for example, she does not have the support of family, and especially friends, or women in the family. A woman needs a woman.

In this way, women help each other by talking, sharing information, and giving various useful tips.

Individualism has impoverished women quite a bit. That is why today various groups are being set up in which women connect and search for each other. And it’s really fantastic!

A lonely woman will watch and study every part of her face.

When the aging process begins, there is usually discomfort and revolt towards aging.

Fatigue, worry, insomnia do their thing.

So, Madonna is no more or less different from all of us. It just mirrors our fears. We will all find ourselves in the same predicament at some point.

How to fight the fear of aging?

The first and foremost is to turn to ourselves as much as possible. That precious time we spend with ourselves is of great importance. It has a big impact primarily on our psyche. It has a positive effect on our mood and behavior.

Self Care
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Taking time is in the first place. Being alone.

Those half hours are needed every day to recharge our batteries.

And in that case, we could separate the following:

A daily routine

  • 10 minutes for meditation.
  • 10 minutes for facial exercises (face yoga)
  • 10 minutes for selfcare


  • Drink plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day.
  • Change, adjust your diet.
  • Avoid stress.
  • Include physical activity.
  • Hang out, laugh with positive people.
  • Get to bed on time.
  • Sleep 8 hours.
  • Use natural facial products.
  • Change bad habits.

Through Face Yoga it is possible to delay aging and we can age gracefully by proper self care. Of course, we will not get the look of a 20-year-old girl after meeting Face Yoga, but we will soften, slow down the aging process and give new hope to your face, give it a new life and a new chance!

It is important that we do not give up on ourselves and all the changes that occur during the process called aging.

Face Yoga rejuvenates for at least 5 to 10 years, and I had the opportunity to see for myself.

The new techniques that are coming to us also promise a lot, so one way or another we will certainly postpone that fear in the future.

It is important that the techniques we have today work and give fantastic results!

Face Yoga will surely remove that fear from you!

In case you panic, and you are not sure which way to go, just look at the face yoga before and after photos, they speak for themselves.

Before and after

And one more thing, be proud of your face and embrace all the changes that face brings with aging and if you need help looking for a natural facelift I am here to help and advise you.

Grow old with dignity and fall in love with yourself.

Your Face Yogi