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Stunning Face Yoga

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Face Yoga

What is Face Yoga exactly is a question that is often asked. There are many definitions out there depending on the approach and method. There is Danielle Collins her face yoga approach and the more science backed version, Face Yoga Method from Fumiko Takatsu which I prefer. I personally like the following definition:

Face yoga is a subtle combination of facial exercises, Hatha yoga postures, acupressure, massage and breathing techniques, aimed at relaxing facial features and toning up muscles. When practiced regularly, it helps to prevent and slow down the appearance of the signs of aging.


So these facial workouts are yoga for the face that have numerous benefits. More on that in another post.

Face exercises before and after

As with any workout and exercise these face exercises give results. Here is a picture of a before and after face exercise moment.

Face Yoga exercises before and after

As you can see there are numerous changes on the face but there are more benefits from doing facial workouts then just the immediate outside effects.
So, do facial exercises work? Yes, they do.

Face skin tightening exercise

Depending the method you are using, you can refer to these exercises as face skin tightening exercises, or facial workouts. You exercise the face muscle(s) and you can work on the whole face or just target a specific area of the face. Some of the facial areas you can work on with face yoga are the following:

  • face yoga for a double chin,
  • facial exercises for asymmetry in the face,
  • facial exercises to slim the face,
  • facial exercises for jawline,
  • facial exercises for cheeks,
  • facial exercises for toning your face,

When my clients signup for the 1-on-1 lessons I help them pick an area and we create a goal list. This way we can focus together and I coach you on not just merely the facial exercises but also other lifestyle areas that may help you get a face yoga boost.

YouTube facial yoga

Do I have YouTube facial yoga videos? I do, and over time I will publish more smaller videos on doing exercises. I also intend to give some free lessons via my website that people can use in order to get squinted with facial yoga and everything that comes with it.

Please check out my coupon page for coupons that you can use for the online facial yoga courses. I offer discounts regularly and I welcome any feedback you can give on the online courses. As you most likely have already noticed I am not a person that uses makeup on my videos. I offer you a real look into facial yoga, aging and everything that comes with it. I believe that aging can and should be done in grace, and the Face Yoga Method is a wonderful tool that helps us women, but also men, to age with grace.

So it doesn’t matter if you have a chubby face, wrinkles, asymmetry, a lack of cheek volume, or anything on your face that needs attention. Feel free to tryout the monthly online course for a month, you will have access to over more then 70 online face yoga videos on demand. You will get access to the best face yoga exercises, and learn the best face yoga poses.

I look forward to continue working with women from all over the world in their effort to take care of themselves physically but also mentally. Face Yoga is a firm statement against the current craziness in society that screams so much for our attention and subsequently eats up all our time. It is time to create and reserve time for ourselves, so we can spend time on self care. Our face is important, you are important. So lets work together on us!