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Foreo Luna 3 review

May 6, 2022 by


Foreo send me an email recently with a question to give a review on their products. I must say I have never heard of Foreo or the Luna 3, so I was quite unfamiliar with their brand. I usually go more to natural products, and natural solutions.

Technology today is moving faster then ever, and even though I avoid technology, I have to admit that Foreo made impression on me.

My attempt is to describe product by product, their positive and negative aspects.

Once receiving a package opened it and saw that it was well and nicely packed. Very colorful, beautiful design. It has a futuristic shape.

All the products I needed to register after installing the Foreo App through the app store.

So if you are not handy with new technology be ready to be challenged.


Foreo Luna 3

Luna 3 is well designed, a nicely shaped peace of new technology. It has a beautiful color. Before you actually go and buy it you have to chose which option you would like to go for.

Luna 3

There are four options:

  • Sensitive skin
  • Combination skin
  • For men
  • Normal skin

I chose sensitive skin. Generally, the bristles are different between them.

The first time in my hand Luna 3 feels nice. I can hold it through the whole process. It is made from waterproof silicon. Also, you can go for different colors as well.

Getting started with Luna 3

The next step I have made is that I have installed their app. I connected the device to my phone. Once inside you have all kind of videos, explanations on how to use the devise, how to find it, which programs to use for. It is very handy to use the app the first time before you get into the routine. The app guides you through the setup and, although you don’t have to use it every time you cleanse, you do need to use it if you want to change the brush’s settings.

I needed to get used to the idea to use an app during my several trials.

First time I started using Luna 3 I noticed the strength of a device. Before Luna 3 I have actually used some other device for cleansing. But honestly they are not comparable.

Luna 3 has much more power, and I feel it penetrates deeper the layers of my skin, while using it.

Honestly, I was nicely surprised!

It uses 20 second for every facial area, and during the massage you can follow the video on the app. Just follow the steps. It is all nicely explained.

Just to add to it, during cleansing I was using Micro Foam cleaner from Foreo.

You can add some of a Micro Foam directly on your face during cleansing, or on Luna 3 directly.

Luna 3 description

This is how Foreo is introducing their product:

Micro Foam – from the Foreo website

The creators of your favorite skin care tool have brought us a game-changing cleanser that’ll take our cleansing regime to a whole new (ultra-clean!) level. With a genius transformative texture, the formula changes from a creamy consistency into micro-bubbles that lift excess oil, impurities and dirt from deep inside your pores to leave your skin feeling fresh and fabulous. Gentle and non-stripping, it contains a cocktail of amino acids and vitamin E helps to strengthen and moisturize your skin. Better yet? Its vegan, cruelty-free and void of a sling of chemical nasties think sulphates and silicones. Great for all skin types, the Micro Foam Cleanser can be used with your hands or with your LUNA brush for a deeper cleanse. Simply pick from two sizes, a full size 100ml or a sized-to-try 20ml – perfect for holidays.

Luna 3 – from the Foreo website

Meet your most advanced beauty coach, available 24/7 and guaranteed to deliver a perfect cleanse, tailored precisely to your skin type. Cleansing, massaging, clarifying and age-defying, this ingenious device is about to take your skin care regime to a whole new level.

With softer and longer silicone touchpoints and a bigger brush head than its Luna predecessors, combined with up to 8000 T-sonic pulsations per minute, the LUNA 3 Face Brush and Anti-Aging Massager for Normal Skin glides easily over skin while cleansing deep into pores to remove daily dirt, excess sebum, oil and make up residue. Cooler still, the device can be paired to an app, giving you the opportunity to personalise your routine according to your skins individual needs simply select the intensity of T-sonic pulsations on the app and it will automatically sync to your LUNA 3 Face Brush and Anti-Aging Massager for Normal Skin device.

Its talents dont end there LUNA 3 Face Brush and Anti-Aging Massager for Normal Skin comes armed with a selection of targeted firming facial massages which you can select via the app including full face, jaw, mouth, eye and neck which all work to smooth, tighten and youthify targeted areas of the face while relaxing facial muscle tension. Incredibly easy to use, its rechargeable via a USB cable and an impressive battery life of 650 uses in between charges, plus its totally waterproof and hypoallergenic, thanks to medical-grade silicone. High-tech it may be, but this incredible skin saviour is also a real looker with a chic oval design and pastel pink hue, not to mention an adorable 100% natural cotton travel pouch, bound to earn it a in-plain-sight spot on your bathroom shelf. Whats not to love?

My experience

I was enjoying during my cleansing!

My skin felt fantastic! Very clean, and well balanced.

I actually don’t need to use any tonics or make up cleaners for my face anymore. Luna 3 cleans all residue from your face. All the ex’s oil, sebum, impurities, makeup toxins.

As a Face Yoga Teacher, I regularly do my exercises. This device relaxed my face without stressing my neck or my shoulders.

There are some points on our face which are more sensitive and sometimes painful. With Luna 3 you can reduce this uncomfortable feeling in your face. Just keep device on that place for a several seconds.

The face is after this treatment firmer, cleaner, fresher, and more relaxed. I also noticed that my wrinkles are softer, smoother, and that absorption of other products is much better after using Luna 3 device. I love that I can actually use it as a device for relaxation when I feel tension in my muscles.

Cleaning Luna 3 is easy. Just use some water.

I made the whole video on this purchase. In this video I follow all the necessary steps that Foreo is suggesting.

This is my 5th day of using of device, and must say, I love it!

Preliminary conclusion thus far

When it comes to price I don’t know if I would buy it by myself. It is pricy. But it is definitely an investment in yourself.

If your face suffers from fewer breakouts of acne, blackheads, then I would suggest you to use this product.

Using the app is something that I am not so happy about. Several times I could not log in, and the App could not find the device while the device was next to my phone and was registered.

Technology is not always on our side.

Basically, the price and app are things that I am not so happy about.

All the other aspects, things that Foreo is mentioning in the description are true.

A fantastic device!